Mens Fashion Scene Turns

It has been observed in recent times that men are taking to fashion trends as fish to water. Their awareness of the changing scene globally is registered by the new wave of men’s designer clothes. Men too are demanding their limelight about their fashion profile and this is reflected in the latest styles and designs being showcased by the fashion fraternity.

Today’s man is well informed about the changing fashion scene, understands his role in it, and the importance given to styles and looks. Now it is easy for the modern men to understand fashion swings and accordingly alter their clothing styles.

Usually men prefer to stick to masculine colours and styling. This trend is slowly changing. Now men are more ready to experiment with their looks, hair, styles, clothes, and even accessories. Keeping that ‘macho-man’ intact, today’s men are out to try new styles in their clothesline. When men’s colours used to be white, blue, grey, black, cream, baize, or khaki, now it is the turn of red, orange, yellow, green and any other colour under the sun.

Apart from matching and mixing their clothing, men’s fashion is all about the right accessories too. In fact, this is reflected in the number of shops catering to ‘only-men shop’ and ‘men’s wing’ in big malls around the globe.

Fashion knows no boundaries. Men’s designer clothes too are changing according to the needs of the global man. Fabric from different places and different cultures around the globe is also depicted in men’s attire. Denim, which was long associated as being almost the second skin of men’s clothing, is quite often replaced by a pair of silk trousers or linen trousers.

Men’s fashion has seen lots of transformation in introduction of new designs and cuts. Be it trousers, shirts, blazers, shorts, scarves, tees, shoes, jumpers, or cardigans–anything and everything is undergoing sea-change for men. They are coming in unbelievable colours and shades. Men’s jeans are also available in low waist, skin tight fittings, etc. Trousers come in neutral as well as light coloured ones.

In shirts too, there has been a huge transformation. Men nowadays are not averse to experimenting with coloured half sleeves, full sleeve, folded up sleeves, pinned ups sleeves, and many more in checks and stripes of different hues and colours.