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Wear This To Your Interview To Make A Good Impression

First impressions definitely count, so you need to ensure you make a great first impression with a sharp and smart outfit if you have an important job interview. Deciding what to wear for such occasions can be difficult, but you can dress for success if you follow our tips.

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A suit

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A suit is classic work attire. You will get your money’s worth if you invest in a decent suit, as you can wear the pieces individually. Choose black, navy or dark grey and you will convey that you are serious and professional.


According to research, it is a good idea to wear black for a job interview. Black portrays a sensible and reliable image and is seen to be a winner for interview situations. A black suit or a black dress looks chic and sophisticated and portrays a sense of authority.


A well-cut blazer is the perfect addition to any work wardrobe. A smart navy blazer looks great over a button-down shirt, a blouse or a dress, while three-quarter length sleeves can give the blazer a fresh and feminine look. Even if the workplace has a casual or smart casual dress code, a blazer is ideal for wearing over jeans and a top.

Jumper and trousers

For a slightly less formal look, think about teaming a jumper with smart trousers. A fine-knit round-neck jumper in a colour such as black, dark grey or navy can look smart and flattering. Fitted trousers and heels will ensure the overall look is formal. A blazer or jacket can be added if desired.


A dress is a great option for an interview, as long as you choose an appropriate style. Especially in an environment with a more casual or creative atmosphere, midi or maxi dresses can look stylish and modern – just ensure the necklines and hemlines are suitable. A range of suitable dresses is available from fashion brands such as https://www.axparis.com/collections/maxi-dresses.

Blouse and skirt

If you don’t have a suit or you don’t feel comfortable wearing a full suit or blazer, try opting for a blouse and skirt combination. A blouse with a bow tied at the front adds a nice detail to the outfit, while a slim belt will bring the outfit together and complete the modern look.